This provides the most beautiful finish for fine woods known to man. It’s called "fool proof" because even the most unskilled finisher gets perfect results. Tung oil completely dries, leaving a hard, lifetime finish impervious to heat, alcohol, or water. You choose a high gloss or satin hand rubbed look by following the simple directions on your bottle. New Life Tung Oil should be used when you want the very best in protection and beauty for treasured woods or unglazed tile

Directions: To finish new or stripped, sanded wood, apply small amount of New Life Tung Oil. Use brush or lint free cloth to spread. With circular motion, rub into wood with heel of hand. Using the lint-free cloth wipe away any excess oil that remains on top of wood. Allow 4-6 hours to dry. Using 4/0 steel wool lengthwise with grain, sheer away any fuzz that appeared with drying. Wipe away any residue left from steel wool action. Repeat process to get finish build you desire. Normally, 2-3 coats gives a beautiful, durable, satin finish. For gloss finish, do not steel wool final coat. May be repeated to cover scratches.

New Life Tung Oil Finish


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