In the 1970’s Maxine Krueger Covert was the owner of an antique furniture restoration studio in San Antonio, Texas. She saw furniture come in to her shop all the time that had been marred and damaged by the polishes used to maintain it. So she started to experiment with a product of her own using refined beeswax and cold pressed orange peel – New Life Wood Moisturizer came to life.

Put the life and color back into all the fine wood furniture, kitchen cabinets and paneling. Wood moisturizer replaces nature’s own oils in dried out lifeless wood and seals it with super refined beeswax. Accumulated dirt wipes away, leaving your clean wood sleek and dust repellent.

New Life Wood Moisturizer restores your fine furniture and antiques to their original lustrous beauty without any greasy or oily residue left behind. The pleasant scent of oil will leave your home smelling fresh and cared for.

Directions for Use

Shake well.  Apply to wood surface with a soft, lint free cloth.  Wipe away old dirt and residue with a clean cotton cloth.

New Life Wood Moisturizer leaves a beautiful satin luster.  If wood is extremely dehydrated repeat the process as many times as needed until you get the desired results then apply monthly thereafter to maintain.  May be used more often if wood or furniture is continuously exposed to dry heat.

New Life Wood Moisturizer 8 oz


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